Depending on your case and circumstances, there are several types of Restraining Orders that may fit the need of your particular situation. The most common orders are put in place in order to prevent one person from disturbing the peace of another. Retraining orders can include prohibitions from entering the property of another person, visiting their workplace, school, or daycare when children are involved. The order can also prohibit a person from coming within a certain distance of these places. If you are in need of protection from your significant other, or are the victim of domestic violence, the Court may authorize a restraining order to protect you from that person.

Another type is a Financial Restraining Order. This type of order is very common during a Legal Separation or Divorce action, and can protect you from your spouse cancelling health insurance, changing beneficiaries on life insurance, transferring funds and assets, and making attempts to hide or conceal financial documents.

In situations where domestic violence is alleged, Domestic Violence Protection Orders also prohibit any contact with the other person, which includes text messages, emails, and attempts to contact via a third party. This order is goes much further than the standard restraining order, and a violation of this order will almost certainly result in an arrest, jail time, and a possible criminal record.

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