In Washington State, Probate is the administration of an individual's assets and liabilities upon death. We have represented clients with their probate matters for decades, handling cases that are simple, and those that are complex. Before the Superior Court, our role is to represent both heirs and personal representatives to both initiate the probate proceedings and to follow the laws and processes to ensure that the matters proceed in a timely and efficient manner.

We understand that is difficult to lose someone you love, and then be immediately faced with the daunting prospect of dealing with the sometimes vast and complex financial and legal matters that arise from a probate. Our goal is to protect the best interests of our clients throughout the process, and ad the same time ensuring that all of the legal requirements are met, and completed in a timely manner. We will explain to you all of the issues involved and do what is necessary to simplify and streamline the process for you.


When someone dies, they not only leave behind their loved ones, but also all of their assets, possessions, and liabilities. A will is a legal document that details precisely how you wish for your estate to be distributed upon death. A Will can cover a multitude of issues that arise including custody of your children, distribution of your assets, and naming a person who will be in charge of ensuring that your wishes are met. We all know that anything can happy to anyone at anytime, so there is no time to soon to make a Will. Additionally, as your circumstances change throughout your lifetime, you can also make changes to your Will to reflect those changes.

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