Unfortunately, many family law disputes or divorces involve domestic violent, allegations of domestic violence, and/or threats of domestic violence. There are times when these acts require an order of protection from the perpetrator. The Courts in Washington state have a zero tolerance rule for cases of domestic violence, which allows the victim to easily attain the legal protection that they want or require. The law offices of R. Bryan Geissler has assisted hundreds of clients in the Spokane area obtain an order of protection from an abusive family member.

We also understand that not every domestic violence claim is a legitimate one, and we will represent you fairly regardless of what claims may have been made about you.

Working through divorce proceedings with and order of protection in place can make communication tricky, and complicate a process that is already very complex. Depending on the particular facts surrounding your case, there may be special provisions regarding child visitation and the exchange of your child. In many cases, you will not be allowed to have any contact with the other party, and all of your correspondence will need to be done through your attorney or an assigned mediator.

Contact the Law Offices of Bryan Geissler to see how we can assist you through the complexities of a domestic violence situation and how it relates to your divorce proceedings.